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Bioprocess Development

Bioprocess technology's ultimate goal is to design processes that can lead to various molecules such as pharmaceuticals intermediates, chemicals, vaccines, metabolites and biofuels in economical manner. Bioprocess design involve interdisciplinary approach which require upstream technique (media optimization, biocatalyst design) , reactor designing and downstream technique (product separation and purification). In bioprocess design it has often been observed the products that accumulate in high concentration but obtained in very low concentration after downstream process.

Our laboratory focuses on upstream and downstream process. In upstream process development we are mainly working on media optimization through CCD-RSM approach for production of enzymes (cellulase, xylanase & cellulase free xylanase ), various metabolites and bioethanol using various isolated strains. Our laboratory is using several molecular biology and genetic engineering approaches to overcome the limitations of downstream processing.


Optimization of production of enzymes and bioactive compounds.

Downstream process development for efficient purification of enzymes and bioactivee compounds.

Scale up of metabolites production.