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Exploring Fungal diversity from selected area of Assam using Biochemical and Molecular Approach for Industrially Important Bio-molecules


This project is funded by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, under North East Twinning Programme 2012. It is a collaborated project with Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics of Assam University. The Total cost of the project is Rs 82 Lakhs.


The immense variety of climatic, edaphic and altitudinal variations in India have resulted in a great range of ecological habitats for which Northeast India takes the pride of place. Therefore, it is neccessary to screen and characterize biotechnologically important fungi from various habitats of North east for the extraction of various useful biomolecules, e.g. enzymes, fatty acids, pigments, metabolites and antibiotics which are of great relevance to biotechnological industry. Only a fraction of total fungal wealth has been subjected to scientific scrutiny and mycologist have to unravel the unexplored and hidden wealth.One third of fungal diversity of the globe exist in India. With the biodiversity rich North East India the occurrence of fungal species (which are integral part of an ecosystem) has not been undertaken. The exploration of fungal species in the biodiversity hot bed will possibly lead to revealing of wealth of fungal species with novel metabolic capacity. The project will examine the properties of novel fungi isolated from selected habitat of Assam using biochemical and molecular approaches.Further, characterization of novel bioactive molecules from isolated fungi explores them for therapeutic and industrial uses.These novel isolates will also be used for bio prospecting of novel enzymes and anti microbial. Moreover, new bioactive compounds could potentially be useful to many industrial applications. The fungal isolates will also be optimized for production of useful enzymes and bio-active compounds by tradition OFAT as well as statistical (CCD-RSM) approach.


1.Screening and molecular characterization of fungal species from diverse ecological niche of Assam.

2. Screening of fungal isolates for cellulase, xylanase and bioactive compounds production.

3.Optimaization of production of enzymes and bioactive compounds.

4. Exploitation of enzymes for biomass saccharification and bioactive compounds for therapeutic and nutraceuticals applications.