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Instrumentation Facilities

Research excellence in science can be achieved through help of proper Instrumentation and support facilities. Bioprocess and Bioenergy Laboratory has been developed at Department of Microbiology, Central University of Rajasthan Ajmer with the help of funding provided in project grants of DBT, India. Our Laboratory is one of the budding laboratories in area of Microbial technology, Bioprocess development, Bio mimetic system, Fermentation technology, and Biofuel, which is well supported with proper instrumentation facilities. The available equipments and facilities help research scholars and students to perform competitive R & D in basic and applied sciences.


Bioreactor - 2 L, Make-Applikon Biotechnology Netherlands.

Microwave Digestor System - 16 Vessel ,Make-Antonn Paar Austria.

Rotatory Evaporator , Make-Heidolph.

Incubator Shaker, Make- Remi, India.

Hot Air Oven ,Make-Tempo, India.

Autoclave- 90 Liters,Make-Tempo, India.

Circulating Water Bath-45 Liters, Make-Tempo, India.

General Laboratory Incubator-18*18*18 , Make-Rescholar, India.

Laminar Air Flow-90*60*60 , Make-Rescholar, India.

Fume Hood-90*60*60, Make-Rescholar, India.

Digital PH- Meter , Make-Systronics, India.

Colorimeter,Make-Systronics, India.

Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate- 5 liter , Make-Remi, India.

Weighing Balance -0.10 accuracy , Make-Citizen, India.