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M.Sc. Project Students

Sanwar Mal Yadav                       Jan 2017-May 2017       Study of Bacterial Diversity...........Cow Dung.

Mandeep Singh Shekhawat     Jan 2017-May 2017       Decolourization of synthetic .... Effluent of Phuskar

Sandhya Gopi                                 Jan 2017-May 2017       Microbial Fuel Assisted Bioelectricity Generation.... textile dyes

Naazneen Ali                                 Jan 2016-May 2016       Decolorization of textile dyes with isolated fungal strains.

Pradeep Palsaniya                      Jan 2016-May 2016       Bioelectricity Generation from Different Organic substrates                                                                                                          in a Microbial Fuel Cell.

Ranjan Mohanty                          Jan 2016-May 2016       Isolation of Fungi for Lignocellulolytic Enzyme                                                                                                         Production under Solid State Fermentation Using Agrowastes.

Devina Singh                                 Jan 2015-May 2015       Decolourization and detoxification of malachite green by                                                                                                          bacterial strain isolated from dye and textile industry effluent.

Himanshu Ojha                            Jan 2015-May 2015       Studies on endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal halophytes                                                                                                          of Sambhar salt lake of Rajasthan

Nabendu Singha                          Jan 2015-May 2015       Evaluation of cellulolytic ability of microbes isolated from paper                                                                                                          mill effluent

Chhavi Jain                                    Jan 2014-May 2014        Exploitation of cheesy whey as substrate in microbial fuel cell

Jyotsna                                            Jan 2014-May 2014        Production of cellulase by isolated fungus

Sharayans Nalwaya                   Jan 2014-May 2014        Evaluation of fungal isolates for lignocellulose degrading                                                                                                          enzymes

Smita Singh Kushwah               Jan 2014-May 2014        Screening and phenotypic characterization of fungi from                                                                                                           different habitats for their antimicrobial activity

Humiara Sheikh                          Jan 2013-May 2013        Exploitation of Cyanobacteria for Pigment Production and                                                                                                           Bioelectricity Generation Employing Microbial Fuel Cell

Supria Dhruv                                Jan 2013-May 2013        Biodegradation of Malachite Green by Copper Tolrent Bacteria

Aradhna Yadav                            Jan 2013-May 2013        Biodegradation of Dyes by isolated bacteria

Suparna Ghosh                            Jan 2013-May 2013        Production Xylannse using agro wastes

Chandrbhan Dhruw                  Jan 2012-May 2012         Isolation of Dental Caries Bacteria from Dental Plaque and Effect                                                                                                           of Tooth Pastes on Acidogenic Bacteria

Monika Chandrawanshi          Jan 2012-May 2012        An integrated approach for the treatment of copper industry                                                                                                           waste water

Maya Vaishnav                            Jan 2012-May 2012        Determination of functional properties of different origin of                                                                                                           honey and its comparison with flower extracts

Anamika Pandey                        Jan 2012-May 2012         Xylanase production under solid state production using                                                                                                           agricultural wastes

Savita Bhardwaj                         Jan 2012-May 2012         Microbial diversity from paper industry waste