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Microbial Diversity

Microbes are an important source of plant polysaccharide degrading enzymes and industrially and agriculturally relevant metabolites. However, the economic feasibility of the strains to be employed at industrial scale is still a big question due to low productivity as compared to the huge requirement of enzymes on industrial scale.

The integrated use of new tools of genomics, transcriptomics and secretomics has potential of improving enzymes and metabolite productions in these cell factories.

Therefore, our lab now initiated genomics, transcriptomics and secretome analysis of available fungal strains having traits suitable for enzymes and metabolite production. These will insight us to elucidate pathways and regulators operational at industrially relevant conditions thereby elucidating targets for strain improvements.


Screening and molecular characterization of fungal species from diverse ecological niches.

Screening of fungal isolates for cellulase, xylanase and bioactive compounds production.

Exploitation of enzymes for biomass saccharification and bioactive compounds for therapeutic and nutraceuticals applications.