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An Integrated approach for the development of microwave syatem for pretreatment of lignocellulosic
biomass for cellulolytic enzymes and ethanol production


This project is funded by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, under Bioenergy projects and sanctioned in the year 2014. It is a collaborated project with Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Nagar Anand, Gujrat. The Total cost of the project is Rs 69 Lakhs.


Lignocellulosic biomass has long been recognized as a potential sustainable source for fermentation into fuels, chemicals and other bio-based products. For enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulosics by celluloytic enzymes, access of enzymes to exposed cellulose surfaces is a key initial step in triggering hydrolysis. Many physico-chemical, structural compositional factors hinder access and hydrolyze ability. Bioethanol from biomass is an attractive substitute for low net carbon dioxide emission (Sanchez and Cardona, 2008). India known for agriculture and have generated large residue. Paddy straw is major agro residue waste generated annually estimated to be around 167 million tones. Similarly the annual availability of rice straw in India is estimated to be around 149 million (; theoretically it can produce about 41 million tones of fuel ethanol and the present practice is to burn this resource in the field itself causing pollution to a greater extent. Under physico-chemical and biological methods alone and in combination proposed here will reduce the green house emission and net carbon load from the environment. The in-house production of the carbohydrate depolymerizing enzyme cellulase and xylanase will enhance the cost effectiveness of the process. Besides the production of ethanol renewable resource such as paddy straw , sugarcane bagasse or wheat straw will provide a sustainable fuel for future also solve the problem of waste disposal efficiently. Due to immense potential for bioconversion of biomaterials into biofuels, production of ethanol from lignocellulosics has recieved much attention.


The project envisages the use of microwave assisted pretreatment and biological pretreatment alone and in combination of each other to develop an enivornment benign , ecofriendly and energy saving pretreatment process for abundantly available lignocellulosic biomass. The scope of the project as as follow

1. Screening of microwave sensitizer chemicals.

2. Fungal deligninfication of lignocellulosic biomass.

3. Inhouse cellulase and xylanase production.

4. Synergistic study of combination of chemical and biological method on deliginification and accesibilty of enzymes to cellulose.

5. Application of Pretreated biomass for ethanol Production.